Fast food for health and body shape?

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sushiplatter_200hDid you know that many Asian fast foods are actually good for you and won’t turn you obese or hyperactive?

Take as one example, the Japanese food style known as Sushi.

The thin, toasted seaweed sheets, called Nori, used in rolled (maki) sushi are high in Vitamin A, B-complex, Niacin and Vitamin C. It is also good for digestion.

The rice used in making sushi, while not as healthy as brown rice, is still low in fat and sodium free while also being a complex carbohydrate which is needed as fuel for your body.

The various fish or meats used in sushi are excellent sources of protein and minerals.

Whether you’re eating vegetarian sushi or it is mixed with fish, the fresh, uncooked vegetables provide the vitamins and other nutrients you look for in a healthy diet.

Even the condiments served with sushi have health benefits.

Soya sauce has come under attack for certain additives that pose a potential health risk, yet naturally fermented soya sauce does not have this danger. Soya, the main ingredient in soya sauce, has been linked to lower breast cancer and fewer menopausal symptoms in Asian cultures who use soy as a staple in their diets. Soya is a source of high quality protein, low in saturated fats and is cholesterol free. Soya sauce is high in salt although low sodium versions are also available for those who require it.

Ginger, called ‘gari’, is often served alongside sushi and helps with digestion while also fighting bacteria. This is especially of interest to those concerned with the bacteria found in uncooked meat.

Wasabi, Japanese horseradish, can also kill bacteria found in raw fish and is often provided alongside sushi servings as a garnish or is included as in nigiri sushi.

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