Thai desserts – for those with a sweet tooth

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Generally most Asian meals do not end with desserts.  Sweet things tend to be eaten as snacks during the day, and desserts, if served, are reserved for special occasions.

Thai desserts are usually based on grains such as rice, sago, and sweetcorn, as well as coconut milk and tropical fruits such as bananas, jackfruit, and oranges.

mangostickyriceOne of the most popular and best known Thai desserts is Sticky rice and mango (Khao nieao mamuang) – it uses cooked, but chilled, glutinous rice with sweet mango slices or cubes, covered with sweet coconut milk.

Many Thai desserts are sweetened with palm sugar known as “namtan” in Thai, or coconut sugar.  This comes in hard cylinders that have to be grated, cakes that can be broken up, or as a thick treacle in tubs.

If palm sugar is unavailable, use some demerara, or dark brown, sugar melted with a little water for Thai desserts instead of the palm or coconut types.

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