Reishi Mushroom Garden Patch Indoor-Outdoor Mushroom Growing

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The Reishi Mushroom Garden Patch- Indoor/Outdoor Mushroom Growing Kit - Grow Edible Mushrooms & Fungi. Easy & Fun Mush Room Grow KitsGanoderma lucidum, known as Reishi by the Japanese and Ling Chi by the Chinese, has long been sought after for its beneficial properties.

Ling Chi is perhaps the most well renowned of all the medicinal fungi, represented in Asian art for thousands of years. Reputed to have many health stimulating properties, Western studies are increasingly authenticating what Eastern cultures have known for thousands of years that this mushroom stimulates the body’s immune system.

A 70-80 F environment is ideal. Once grown, this mushroom is generally broken up, powdered and steeped in simple teas. Its flavor is strong, distinctive, and pleasant to most people.  (more…)

* Easy Growing Kit
* Indoor / Outdoor
* Fun
* Grow Edible Mushrooms
* Year-Round

Mushroom-PatchShipping Weight: 6 pounds

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